Welcome to the revised website for the rebuilding of the 2014 Caterham Formula One car CT05#1.

The web pages will follow both the construction of the car from a  damaged monocoque through to a running F1 car

Latest Update - December 12th 2017.

The final redesign of the front suspension is nearly completed and by early 2018 will be ready to be manufactured and bolted to the car so CT05#1 can be driven again in 2018. The aim is to have the Formula Renault engine in and running any day now and the car on the rear suspension by early January 2018. Start up of the car is planned for this week and manufacture of front suspension parts is due to commence in early January 2018. Below are images from the front suspension mounting points. I have moved away from replicating the original suspension as it came with expensive maintenance costs should any part ever fail. Thanks to As Pro Engineering.

Below left - CT05#1 with the 2ltr Renault engine fitted. Right is the original advert from April 2015 for the damaged tub

Caterham CT05#1 was purchased in April 2015 as a damaged tub

I purchased CT05#1 as a damaged monocoque as part of the Administration sale of the Caterham Formula One team assets. The tub was described as "perfect for gaming" and at the time was classed as chassis unknown. Through basic research I soon found it to be chassis #1 which was the launch car of the Caterham 2014 F1 campaign, driven in 11 rounds of the Formula one world championship in 2014 and used in the Silverstone July Young driver test by the Caterham F1 team.
Through a large amount of research, hours spent planning and then planning again and many months of negotiation I managed to secure the pieces required to rebuild the car and the services of some very talented individuals who could reconstruct CT05#1 back to looking like a Formula One car again.
In late 2015 the component parts left my home to initially have suspension fabricated at the front and then went off to have the bodywork rebuilt with a new roll hoop cover and additional missing panels replaced.

Fabrication of Suspension

As the monocoque had no front suspension and the Caterham front suspension sold off in the Auctions was sold prior to me buying the #1 monocoque I had to have hand made front suspension created. I passed the monocoque to Tom Sweet who had previously worked at Red Bull and Jaguar F1 teams and stood back whilst he created front suspension for the car. Although the front suspension was for "show" only, it was required so the rest of the car could be assembled. Stage one of the project was always putting CT05#1 back to looking like a Formula One car so this was an essential stage of the build

Bodywork repair

Once the fabrication was completed the car still had no roll hoop cover and was not bolted together, on top of that a few of the essential panels were required. I passed the car to Ben and Pasty who run Comptech LTD and with their own Red Bull, Brawn and Honda background they did their magic and by July 2016 the car was rebuilt into a show car and matt black to blend all the panels in. At this point I had a dummy nose cone on and front wing as I still needed to find a genuine CT05 carbon nose cone. I had the car wrapped in Hexis Boston Green, a colour used by the team in 2014 and the car was ready for the mechanical build

Engine & Gearbox

The engine and gearbox to be used will be a Renault 2ltr 4 cylinder engine from a Formula Renault race car and a matching gearbox and rear suspension. I have chosen this set up for reliability, ease of use and mainly due to size. The modern F1 hybrid engines are very small in size. I had no chance of fitting an F1 engine in from a previous era such as a V8.
Mail: dbennett@comptech-ltd.co.uk
Phone: 01327 352 202

Wrap on the car

Below is a picture of CT05#1 being wrapped in Hexis Boston Green

2018 and after

Once the car is running I plan to carry out around 3-4 demonstration events per year. Details of up and coming events will be listed here
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