Chassis #1

Chassis CT05#1

Chassis#1 was the first 2014 Caterham CT05 to be driven. I watched its debut at a very cold Jerez circuit on the 28th of January 2014. The team were up against tight timelines as although the main monocoque had been built on time (I had seen it on the 6th December 2013 on a factory visit), the cash flow issues had led to delays in parts being supplied plus a few delays in receiving the new Renault Hybrid power unit had led to what was believed to be a straight forward January being a hectic one for the Caterham F1 team

The Chassis #1 history

After the initial Jerez F1 pre-season test, chassis#1 was sent back to the factory for final preparation for the 2014 season before being sent to Australia as Marcus Ericssons car. Marcus drove Chassis#1 in every F1 session he took part in during the first half of the Formula one season and the chassis was also used for the July Young Driver test which took part at Silverstone, straight after the British Grand Prix. Marcus finished 11th at the Monaco Grand Prix and then lost control of the car on lap 7 of the Hungarian Grand Prix which tuned out to be Chassis#1 last public appearance. Due to cash shortages it was then left in the corner of the factory until it was sold in April 2015.
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