13th Jan 2021

This week and last had some real progress and I feel like we have traction now as we aim to get the car running this year. Over the last couple of weeks, the guys have been tidying up some of the issues they inherited and as such progress went backwards before it could go forward. Over the last week we have:

  • Tracked down and purchased 2 Rear Oz 2014 Caterham Wheels to be used
  • Tracked down and purchased the correct in board front end rockers etc
  • Started the work on taking surplus weight out of the wishbones and engine mounts
  • Started ordering suspension brackets etc, that were, until now, 3D printed
  • Talking to fuel cell Suppliers

The next steps are to receive the updated parts and start the rebuild of the car with the revised weighted parts before we move to ordering rear suspension. By using the originally redesigned and built wishbones we have saved having to redesign them.

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