CT05 2,3 & 4

There were a total of 4 Chassis built by the Caterham F1 team for the 2014 Formula One season. Whilst this website focuses on Chassis#1 here is a brief overview of the other three Chassis that were built.

Chassis#2- Used in the Bahrain pre-season test, this chassis was also built at the end of 2013 and was then used mainly by Kamui Kobayashi in most of his 2014 F1 season. This monocoque was rumoured to have been "cracked" in early 2014 which was denied by the team at the time. When the car came up for sale it was cracked along the front bulkhead of the monocoque.

It was sold for £38,515 at the Auction in 2015 but had no gearbox, due to that being reclaimed by Red Bull and also required a frame for the engine or an engine as Renault had recovered the Hybrid power units from the team. It sold to a collector in Europe where it is a show car now, having been rebuilt by the new owner.

Chassis#3- Used by Kamui Kobayashi for the Chinese, Monaco and Spanish Grand Prix. Kamui then hit the wall in it during in season testing in Catalonia. I was there on the last day it was used and after repair it was then utilised as a "chassis in a box" for the remainder of the 2014 season.

During the Administration auction it was sold with no additional bodywork for £9,628. The chassis was purchased by a collector and then rebuilt with additional bodywork purchased during the sale. It is now complete with a dummy gearbox and engine frame and sits as a show car in a collection in Europe.

Chassis#4- This Chassis was hastily completed during July and August 2014 when Marcus damaged Chassis#1. It went on to become Marcus Ericssons race car for the remainder of the 2014 except for when in Abu Dhabi Marcus declined the opportunity of driving for the team and it was handed to Will Stevens to use for the last race weekend Caterham ever took part in.

During the 2015 auction it was sold on behalf of the new owner as part of the auction, it sold for £57,489 but had no gearbox or engine so did need to be rebuilt. It now resides in a private collection in Australia.

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