Please note: I am sure you can buy these items elsewhere but the price includes a small contribution to keeping CT05#1 on track.

If you are interesting in purchasing any of these items then please send an enquiry and will get in touch.

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Caterham F1 Items

Caterham F1 Caps

£19.99 plus postage. I have a few of these available, all made for the F1 team, genuine team memorabilia. 

Gel Pens

£4.99 plus postage. All made for the F1 team, a pack of three 

Oxford Team Issue Shirts

Mens long sleeve size Large, I also have a couple of Medium ones, new as worn by the team with Caterham on the pocket and across the back - £19.99 plus postage.

Pen and Note Book Set

Small note book and Caterham F1 biro - £19.99 plus postage.

Executive Ball Point Pen

Executive ball point pen with green carbon look - £29 plus postage.

Never before offered: Help run an F1 car for the day and be part of an F1 pit crew.

For around £350. Each person will have a tailored day, please send an enquiry to let me know the type of day you would like to experiance.

Technical service

From around £1,000 upwards.

Have you seen a diagram on Twitter from the team that you want framed, well we can print an A4 print and send it to you from around £60, however CAD, tech diagrammes and information is on a bespoke basis so the £1,000 is an estimate for a simple CAD of a front wheel upright.

Variations to this are available so please ask. I have wind tunnel data, 7 post rig data and the design files for every Caterham F1 car ever built which includes the 2010 and 2011 Lotus cars. Just send me a message but there are no free gifts I'm afraid.

In no way will any Renault F1 or Red Bull Technologies data be sold or shared as that belongs to the relevant Companies that supplied it to Caterham.