Caterham CT01

With a name change over the winter the newly badged Caterham F1 team launched the Caterham CT01 in February 2012 at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

The team built a total of 3 Chassis, of which, Chassis #1 was used in Mugello and Duxford testing plus the Rig tests that took part throughout the year at the Lola centre. Chassis #2 was used all season by Vitaly Petrov and Chassis #3 was used all season by Heikki Kovalainen. 

Above is a comparison of the T128 and CT01 as depicted by the team at the time showing an extension of the wheel base that was more in line with the top running teams from the previous year. The car ran with a Renault V8 engine and a Red Bull Technologies carbon gearbox (see below)

This was a pairing that took the Red Bull team to world a championship win but the same could not be said for the Caterham team, despite their talent and drive. The money available to the team was light years from that of the Red Bull set up, which would account for the majority of performance differential.

The car utilised two years experiance with the team to develop and the specification plus operating conditions are below. 

As mentioned, the majority of the year the team spent with Chassis#2 & #3. Chassis #2 went on to be the R&D car for the team in 2013 and 2014. It sold during the Administration but needed a bit of work to bring it back to life. It now sits as a show car in Denmark and looks brilliant.

Chassis #3 sold for at the auction and is now on show at the Crawley branch of Caterham cars. It needs to be restored and put back to its original colour scheme as it ran with Heikki Kovalainen.

Chassis #1 sold in the Auction as a tub  

I believe this chassis is now in Europe.  

The team had a year with an 11th place finish with Vitaly Petrov in Brazil (so close to a point) and just three 13th places as their highest finish. 13th of Heikki Kovalainen in Monaco and Abu Dhabi with 13th for Vitaly Petrov in Valencia. No world Championship points, once again. 

The season started with its usual pre-season testing which in 2012 took part in Jerez and Barcelona. Here is an image I took in 2012 in Barcelona of Vitaly Petrov during the second test.

World Championship results for the CT01 in 2012.

Chassis - Heikki Kovalainen # 3, Vitaly Petrov #2 - All seasons 

  1. Melbourne - HK(Ret) VP(Ret)
  2. Malaysia - HK(18) VP(16)
  3. China - HK(23) VP(18)
  4. Bahrain - HK (17) VP(16)
  5. Spain - HK (16) VP(17)
  6. Monaco - HK(13) VP(Ret)
  7. Canada - HK(18) VP(19)
  8. Europe - HK (14) VP(13)
  9. Britain - HK (17) VP(DNS)
  10. Germany - HK(19) VP (16)
  11. Hungary - HK(17) VP(19)
  12. Belgium - HK (17) VP(19)
  13. Italy - HK(17) VP(19)
  14. Singapre - HK(15) VP(19)
  15. Japan - HK(15) VP(17)
  16. Korea - HK(17) VP(16)
  17. India - HK(18) VP(17)
  18. Abu Dhabi - HK(13) VP(16)
  19. USA - HK(18) VP(17)
  20. Brazil - HK(13) VP(11)

As the Brazil result was the best in the teams history, below is the run plan for Vitaly Petrov for race day.

This 11th place for Petrov in Brazil took the team to 11th place in the World Championship, meaning they had out scored Marussi, Virgin and HRT. A great footing for the 2013 season ahead.

Below are a few of my own photographs from the season, taken in Barcelona and Silverstone.