Caterham CT06

The Caterham CT06 was the design name for the teams 2015 car that was never built. There is very little information about the car, and any information I have is conceptual. 

Below are a few images of the car design notes and aero concept of the cockpit area.

  • Nose concept TBC - either max or min length, and will sit as high as possible to (new) legality lines
  • Front Suspension - Pushrod Actuated inboard. Reduced anhedral wishbones to previous cars of ours.
  • High Trackrod for aero benefit. Halfway house steering arm length between CT01/3 & 05
  • Chassis legbox will have no lower or upper vanity panels.
  • Chassis aft of the seatback will be narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.
  • Cokeline of bodywork will be tighter, necessitating a higher cooler package.
  • Coolers will be side view angle inclined - 15 degrees to reference plane => higher trailing edges of coolers.

The proposed electrical layout is below.

Below are the milestones the team had in place for the CT06

The team had a buck ready as below but it never made it through to mould stage

The books were written on how to laminate the chassis.

But the car build never really got underway.